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Mono Framework

Mono Framework is another tool that helps to develop cross platform technologies, applications, and solutions. STPL has a team of experts and professionals who are experienced in this field as well.

Some of the activities we undertake and services we offer with respect to Mono Framework include –

  • Customized mobile applications that can run across several mobile platforms with ease.
  • Comprehensive study of client requirements, and the performance expected of the technological solution sought across the various frameworks.
  • Design and development of the product according to the specifications outlined by the above mentioned study.
  • Hassle free delivery and deployment of the solutions developed on the Mono Framework.
  • Incorporation of the adaptability feature, thus enabling the solutions to work equally well across various platforms.
  • Reasonable priced packages for technology and application development.
  • Responsive and interactive user interfaces that adapt to the device, the framework, and the business requirement of the client. 
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