Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

A web based and integrated Project Management Information Systems (PMIS), for infrastructure construction work to capture, manage and disseminate all project related data required for providing relevant, timely and updated project information to all stakeholders and to enable monitoring of project activities, inputs, outputs and results.



The PMIS essentially covers the following modules. These modules will be linked with each other and collectively all these modules would be called the PMIS.

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  • Works Estimation System
  • Physical Progress & Financial Progress
  • Grievance Redressal System
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) System
  • Content Management System (CMS) / Document Management System
  • Scope Management System
  • Risk Management Information System
  • Financial Accounting & Cost Management System
  • Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) & Decision Support System
  • BOQ automation, Measurement System, Quality Management System & Online Structure Progress monitoring

Benefits of PMIS

  • Larger involvement of stakeholders
  • Improved / Increased / Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Risk Assessment
  • Better Efficiency in Delivering Services
  • Enhanced Effectiveness in Delivering Services
  • Increased Monitoring focus resulted in - Timely completion, Increase in Quantity & Safer construction

Works Management

The Public Works is responsible for the construction, maintenance and operation of Regional roads and bridges. This product is beneficial for planning and management of highway projects.

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  • Based on FIDIC guidelines
  • Request For Inspection (RFI) submission
  • Monitoring Physical, Financial progress
  • Monitoring work quality
  • Generate Interim Payment Certificate (IPC)


  • Manage Social screening and impact assessment
  • Manage Census and baseline socio-economic survey of the potentially affected population
  • Manage Preparation of a time-bound Resettlement Action Plan (RAP)
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  • Monitoring of Environmental Impact fact preventing to - Land, Surface/Ground Water, Air & Noise
  • Track environmental clearance pertaining to forest, green land, river etc.


  • Managing budget estimates
  • Monitoring expenditure
  • Generate reports & returns
  • Generate payment receipts
  • Maintain financial records
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Risk Management

  • Automated notifications
  • Identify, accesses & measure operational risks
  • Keep tracks of risks
  • Automatic risks analysis
  • Incidents management
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  • Provide real-time visibility into risk exposure
  • Improve individual accountability
  • Enforce organizational standards and consistency in the risk/control environment
  • Quickly assess and take advantage of risk reduction and process improvement opportunities


  • Tracking Grievance Redressal
  • Detailed database of grievance information
  • Complete date tracking for a wide range of grievance events
  • Email or text notification of important grievance review dates
  • Detailed searching and filtering options
  • Add notes, activities, and tasks to each case
  • Ability to send full grievance reports in a defined format to any email address
  • Full multi-file upload ability for digital supporting documentation on each grievance
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