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With so many mobile frameworks entering and dominating the mobile market, would it not be a blessing to have a common tool that would work across the various platforms? This is where Sencha Touch comes into the picture. Being a Java Script based framework that helps to build cross platform applications, Sencha is a dream come true.

STPL’s team of experts is skilled in this area as well, and makes use of this framework for a number of cross platform solutions such as –

  • Developing user interface widgets that are famed for their high performance levels.
  • Creating applications for various platforms such as android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry, which adopt the look and feel of native applications already existing on the said frameworks.
  • Innovative layouts and quick response time, thus enabling smoother scrolling and interaction.
  • Animations and visuals that adapt themselves according to the device, in order to provide the best experience to the user.
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