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Accessibility Testing Web Application

Project Name: Recruitment


Company is involved in providing recruitment services to people looking for employment opportunities and employers searching for right talent.

Project Overview

In the past fifteen years, both the United States and International governments have developed legislation to ensure equal rights for people with disabilities, including equivalent access to electronic and information technology.

The NFB provides a certification program for web sites that have successfully completed an audit for accessibility to individuals that are blind. 

The NFB certification criteria are usability based and require that the site be usable within two major “assistive” technologies and that all use cases of the site can be executed in both types of “assistive” technologies.

We need to test for Section 504 & 508 for compliance.

This is web application which provides job search for job seekers. Using this application one can perform following task:

1. Search a job
2. Upload a resume for job seekers
3. Create a New vacancies and
4. Employer login etc.

The XI application has two modules one is the admin module & another is HR module, using the admin module the user is able to ADD a new user & create a vacancies. The HR module consists of list of question, review of question, certificate review & data mining.


The work involved was creating a module list & use cases for one of the applications.

The application allows organizations one to manage a variety of different hiring procedures.

In this project we needed to prepare Use Case Document, Module list and Testing Checklist.

Compatibility testing is critical for the client as incompatibility can lead to revenue loss, punitive damages.

In spite of resource constraints we were able to deliver it within schedule date provided by our client.

Due to the team work we were able to deliver the project successfully within short span of time.


The process of Web Content Accessibility testing comprises of: 

1. Preparation of Use cases:
Use cases are prepared to describe the steps of the important processes of the application in such a manner that a disabled person is able to complete the process without any difficulty or failure. Even a small mistake in the description can result in the user ending up on an entirely different page or performing a different action than what was intended.

2. Module list: The Module list contains the screenshots of the screens that appear due to navigation or action performed on the application and the steps of navigation performed to reach the screen. The idea is to select all the screens for testing which have complex page structure and can cause hindrances for the disabled users.

3. Manual and Automatic testing: The modules selected in the “Module list” are manually and with automatic tools against violations as described in the accessibility guidelines related to navigation, keyboard accessibility, simulated controls, data tables, form fields, JavaScript, frames, etc.

4. Preparation of Manual Testing Notes: This document contains the prominent examples of each violation of the accessibility guidelines that were found while manual and automatic testing of the screens of the application selected in Module list.

Selection of Use cases and modules for Module list is of great importance.

We had to make sure that our use cases cover all the key features of the application and that the goal of each use case is successfully achieved by the disabled user.

While selecting the modules for Module list, we try to cover all the screens with complex page structure for testing so that we report all the features which do not follow the accessibility guidelines.

The report is used to either redesign those features or provide the accessibility options to disabled users for accessing those features.

Technology Used

  • Manual Testing
  • DEV Partner
  • IE DOM Inspector
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