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Manager Agent Performance Dash Board

Project Name: Agent Performance Dashboard Module


The company is one of the leaders in Real Estate business in the US. The client is one of the large franchisees of the company and operates at multiple locations. At each location the company has a manager in-charge at each location working with the team of Real Estate Agents.

Each team sets out their targets for making sales and commission earned are shared amongst the agents, manager and the company.

Agents could be working both on the listing side as well as on the sale side of the properties.


STPL has had long experience of working in the technology solutions in domain of real estate.

STPL has worked both for the front end applications, back end operational applications as well as supporting applications such as the business of Titles, Escrows and Settlement.


  • Good Customer Experience
  • Faster Quality Productivity
  • Global Information Access
  • Reduce Overheads
  • WCAG Complaint

Project Overview

Various functionalities/modules of this Project are given below:

Manager Dashboard: This Dashboard Module provides the login facility for different offices manager who work for the Real Estate Company. The Manager can Login and see their performance. This Dash board contains various web based reports with drilling down options up to the transaction level.

Manager is presented information not only for the current year but for monitoring performance information from the previous year is also displayed.

Since the office expenses and commissions are shared, the application also provides details for each segment and profitability related information is also displayed. 

Agent Dashboard: This Dashboard Module provides the login facility for different offices agents who work for particular manager in Real Estate. The agent can Login and see their performance. This Dash board contains various web based reports which provide the agents details of their transactions over the different months or years. They can review data pertaining to various items such as listings, commissions, Agents Net Commissions, sides counts, transactions, company $, earnings, charges, expenses etc. according to monthly or yearly basis.

SUB-MODULES: Some of the sub-modules of this module are - Listing Module, Transaction Module, Performance chart, Calendar Module, Commissions, Charges, Agent Master Module, My Charts, My Accounts etc.


This application contains two modules Agents / Manager Dash Board, the application generates Various Web Reports from the desktop based Real ledger applicants' database. This includes complex analysis of the database and produces charts and graphs to generate graphic view for the measurements of the data stored.

They wanted to setup a unique platform where Agents and Managers could evaluate their performance over the year or in months for the business.

The database model was real challenging and extendable. All the modules are fully integrated and are sharing the same Databases.

The basic flow of the Module is shown in the diagram below.

The client's dedicated Real Estate system was to meet these requirements and specifications with a flexible approach that could enable quick and reliable development


With extensive experience in similar Real estate applications STPL designed and developed the innovative solution to meet all the requirements of the client.

The most important problem of this application was its Report Generation part which was composed of the details of hundreds of Agents under a manager on Yearly basis, Monthly basis, Weekly basis as well as Daily basis. To display the data on single page having lots of filter criteria was managed by the stored procedures written in switch- wise manner with passing the different values to the reports generated by the SQL Reporting Services.

The second most important problem we faced on this web application was related with the Database part.

We have two MS-ACCESS .mdb files which was to be taken from two different sites of the client using FTP and then these .mdb files is to be merged into a single SQL Database File.

The solution for this problem is one utility named "Transfer Sql Log" to manage these databases. In merging two ACCESS databases the constraints in the SQL database has to be removed which results in slow access to this database which was managed by creating Indexes on each table for making the access fast.

Technology Used

  • .Net Framework, ASP.Net, C#, IIS.
  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • IIS
  • XML
  • Ajax
  • DHTM
  • Flash
  • Web services
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Server
  • Notification services
  • DTS
  • Manual & Automated Testing (QTP & DevPartner
  • Database Testing IE DOM Inspector
  • SnagIt 8
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