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Content Management System Development

Project Name: Content Management System


Client is in the business of providing Consulting services to its client organizations that seek lasting improvements through the strategic management of information technology. Services include online marketing, web development, implementation services, business process consulting, technology purchasing consulting and project management.

Project Overview

Client's goal was to add a cost-effective CMS capability to their implementation of the Consulting Portal, which they used to provide a web-based desktop for easy access to all the corporate information. They implemented CMS, which has allowed the company to provide a portal-based solution for effective content maintenance. As a result, they have increased client satisfaction and portal adoption.

Website is developed using Content Management System which is a product of Ektron Inc.


Prior to using a CMS solution, Client was managing their site using traditional methods.

They client worked with STPL to integrate the CMS solution to their website.

They were able to deliver CMS capability within the Company portal. Content owners can maintain the portal contents themselves with a familiar editing environment which is a powerful WYSIWYG editor.


CMS400.NET is to provide them with one single application that gives them all of the functionality necessary to create, deploy, and manage their website. Features are as follows:

Intuitive User Interface: Interfaces are intuitive and user friendly.

Blogging: Built in blogging which support all blogging features.

Add/Edit content with single-click: Now, with a single click, they can add content blocks directly to the Web site making it even easier to add new content and update old contents.

Browser-based WYSIWYG editing: Allows non-technical staff to tag content with XML using a word-processor-like interface.

Multi-Language Support: Built in Multi Language support which allows easy integration of website in multiple languages.


By using Content Management System, non-technical publishers of information on the portal can create, publish and manage rich web contents directly from their browsers, streamlining operations and delivering content that is fresh, accurate and navigable.

Client also reduced its overall website costs by limiting IT's involvement in ongoing site updates and limited its liability by auto-archiving content and tracking revision history.

CMS allows the client to provide a portal-based solution for effective content maintenance and reached their goal of being able to provide updateable content through their firm-wide portal.
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