Open Source Technologies

Among the various technology solutions and packages we offer a number of open source technology solutions, including PHP development, WordPress Development, and other open source technology development services. The good thing about open source technology is that it can easily be edited or customized by the clients.

Our open source technology services derive their competitive edge from the following factors –
  • Understanding the client’s exact requirements and developing the open source technology solutions accordingly.
  • Quick web development processes that are smooth and problem free.
  • Involvement of a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.
  • Procedures that are designed to exploit all the advantages offered by open source technologies to the maximum possible extent, in order to offer business solutions to our clients.
  • An open source technology portfolio that includes a variety of services such as product development, testing, consultation, customization and maintenance and updating.
  • A reasonable price for the packages, reduced by the appropriate amount, due to the use of free software offered by open source technology.
  • Unlimited access to the tried and tested source codes available on the open source code market, and regular updates to the applications developed so that we continue to meet the changing needs of the client business.