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Content Management System
An easy to use CMS (Content Management System) is designed for administrator so that he can update the content of all the web-pages of the website. The CMS is made user friendly and there is no requirement of technical expertise to use it. The CMS also allows the administrator to:
  • Manage the xml feeds from different sources and add new ones.

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  • Customizing the mails informing updates in the system which are sent to the users who have subscribed for the service.

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  • Send mails to different users to provide them updated information of the application by internal messaging system or to their provided email addresses.

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  • Admin can modify membership plan on offer for different categories of users as per current market scenario with the help of CMS.

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  • The CMS has been so designed that it provides support to multiple languages, currencies and can cater to business need in different countries.

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  • The administrator can activate / deactivate advertisements which would be displayed on user interface.

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  • Admin can modify (Add/ Edit) news feeds and the updated feeds get reflected on user's account.

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  • The control panel also enables the administrator to manage the subscription of all the users, modify their subscriptions, send alerts to the users and even block their accounts on the grounds of non payment or inappropriate behavior.

  • Last but not the least, the control panel allows the administrator to generate and view a wide variety of reports on the performance of the website and allows him to ascertain the revenue generated from different aspects, the expansion in business, new markets discovered, performance of the different features and help in deciding on the future marketing strategies.
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  • Content Management System
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    4-8 Static information pages.
    Keyword property search.
    Integration with MLS
    Search property with Google Map API