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In real estate website, two features are of prime concern.
Property Listing
The more detailed a listing is, the better
the chances of its sale.

Property Search
The search functionality ensures that the
user gets the set of search results he
was looking for.

While designing the real estate websites in STPL , we ensure that these two features are especially taken care of and should be able to cater the needs of both the clients and the end users. While designing the listing functionality, we ensure that even the minor details of the property are taken into account so that the chances of its sale are increased. We try to provide as much information as possible to the buyer on the website which helps in making up his mind to go for the proposition. We also try to design the listing functionality in such a way that it can support both the individual listing as well as multiple (bulk) listings.

The real estate websites designed in STPL offers a wide range of search functionalities, which helps the user of these websites to finding the properties which matches exactly to what he has in his mind. The search functionalities are designed to be user friendly and targeted to reach wide range of audience. They have proved extremely successful in expanding the business of our clients.
  • Introduction
  • Introduction
 Website Packages
    4-8 Static information pages.
    Keyword property search.
    Integration with MLS
    Search property with Google Map API