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National Dashboard
Features for Real Estate Professionals
The dashboards are for internal use of Real Estate Companies to review and monitor the performance of the managers and agents of their branches spread all over the country and abroad. The user logs into the application and can review the performance of his subordinates and can draw comparison between them. The manager can review the targets set for each agent and verify how the agent is performing to achieve the target.

The business of most of the real estate company is not restricted to a state or a region but distributed all over the country. So a national dashboard is required which helps the management to review the performance of the company on the basis of branches, counties, states, regions, etc. for a specified period of time. The application is designed in such a manner so that analyzing the performances of these sub divisions is easier and the display of data is simple yet informative without any compromise on accuracy.

STPL performed analysis of the Real Estate business and proposed few KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that prove helpful in taking quick decision making. The KPI helped the user to quickly see the important data and perform comparison on the data for last month, last year even for the last working day. The flag feature is incorporated in the KPI to help the user to easily pick out the areas of concerns or the areas where improvement is registered.

National Dashboard

  • Summary - displays information for orders, revenue and comparison between different time period, status in current time frame, projected information for order or revenue against different levels like national, region, state, county, and territory.
  • Order - graphical and tabular reports on the status of orders viz. title orders, escrow orders, orders per day, open orders, closed orders, projected orders, open vs. closed orders, last year vs. this year.
  • Revenue - revenue trends for title orders, escrow orders, revenue this month, revenue per day, projected revenue this month, last month vs. this month, last year vs. this year.
  • Multiple Dimension Reports - detailed tabular reports with two major sections "orders" and "revenue" and presenting the data for different levels like territory, county and regions.
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    Keyword property search.
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