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Property details

The information display on the property details page plays a vital role in getting the buyers attention and making his mind for buying the property. While ensuring that all the key information is well placed so that it gets the buyers attention, we also ensure that the display of the information is eye attractive and captivating. Featured listings are given a more alluring look than others with some add-on features.

  • View Multi-image presentation
    Use of flash animated slide shows of the snaps of property gives a gracious and sophisticated look to the details.
  • View Video images
    The feature to upload videos provides another way of providing the details of the surroundings of the property. The user can upload a video and it is displayed on a widget on the property details page (just like
  • Zestimate View of the Property Location
    Zestimate i.e. an estimated value of a property plays a vital role in estimating the worth of property. It gives the buyer an idea about the property he is interested in. The higher the Zestimate, the better the property is in respect of location, facilities, neighborhood, etc.
  • Viewing comments provided by other visitors to the Property
    The feature to rate and comment on the property allows a seller to receive feedback on his property. The ratings and comments not only prove helpful in attracting prospective buyer and signing a deal, but also help the seller to make changes if required in the property or its details.
 Website Packages
    4-8 Static information pages.
    Keyword property search.
    Integration with MLS
    Search property with Google Map API