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RSS Feed Integration
Features for Real Estate Professionals
The clients often require integrating xml feeds from IDX, Point2NLS, Realty Bargain, FSBO, Home and Land, Realty Track, Backpage, and MITS data from the different servers to their database on the defined intervals so that users can search and save this data for future transactions. This data is in xml format and the content of each feed is different from others.

RSS Feed Integration

Different xml parser programs to parse the IDX, Point2NLS, and MITS data were designed. These parser programs make use of CRON jobs which run at periodic intervals, parse the xml data, and save it in to the tables. These tables are further used in the application.

Successful integration of various RSS feeds has also been accomplished to provide updated and relevant data to the users of the web sites. RSS feeds make it possible for people to keep up with web sites in an automated manner that can be piped into special programs or filtered displays
 Website Packages
    4-8 Static information pages.
    Keyword property search.
    Integration with MLS
    Search property with Google Map API