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Real Estate Scripts
Real Estate Scripting Features include:
  • Member Features (Front-End)
    • Member registration with image verification
    • Export search results to Google Base XML
    • Export search results to RSS XML
    • Flexible paging and sorting of search results
    • Save favorite properties
    • Password recovery via email (forgot password form)
    • Access to property files on all property detail pages
    • Access contact seller form on all property detail pages
    • View saved/favorite properties
    • Password update form
    • Personal information update form
    • Purchase listing credits (based on listing packages in admin panel)
    • Renew expired properties by purchasing renew listing credit (based on renew listing packages in admin panel)
    • Add/Manage properties
      • Export member properties to Google Base XML
      • Export member properties to RSS XML
      • Manage property images
      • Manage property files
        • Upload a wide range of files such as MP3, XLS, DOC...
      • Edit property information
  • Administration Features
    • Manage general settings
      • Update admin username/password
      • Update website default site title
      • Update website default meta keywords and description
      • Update default email address
      • Update default currency sign
      • Update default website domain URL
      • Update default banner image URL
      • Update default weather zip code
    • Create/Manage properties
      • Create property
      • Edit property
      • Upload/edit property images
      • Upload/edit property files
      • Disable/Enable property (default is enabled)
      • Manage property types
    • Manage member accounts
      • Create new member
      • Edit member information
      • Mass email members
      • View member listings
    • Manage payment packages
      • Currently PayPal IPN and AIM comes with the software. It's possible to add other payment gateways these are just the default.
      • Set default payment gateway
      • Manage PayPal IPN settings
      • Manage AIM settings
      • Manage renew payment packages
        • Limit packages on number of days, photos
      • Manage buy/purchase payment packages
        • Limit packages on number of days, photos and number of listings included
    • Manage advertisements/advertisers
      • Upload advertisement image, link url, title and description
    • Manage email notifications
      • Email notifications will email you and members (x) amount of days before listings expires and/or after listings expire
    • Utilities
      • Database backup/restore
      • Delete expired properties older than 30 days

  • Script Features
  • Real Estate Scripts
 Website Packages
    4-8 Static information pages.
    Keyword property search.
    Integration with MLS
    Search property with Google Map API