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Features for Front End Users
  • Property Search
    The real estate sites designed in STPL have a wide range of search functionalities. It helps the buyers to narrow down to the properties of his concerns.

    Property Search

  • Basic Search
    With basic search functionality the user can search properties by entering city, state, zip and country. The address feature is to have the same flexibility as Google Map so that it can support the Mapping feature used for displaying the search results.

    Basic Search

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  • Advance Search
    Advance search (refined search with filters like property types e.g. condo, co-op, duplex, single family; listing providers e.g. Realtors, FSBO, Foreclosure; price range, property area, number of bedrooms and bathrooms). The advance search features enables the user to narrow down his search to the kind of properties he is looking for. The filters provided in the search work as a sieve which filters out the properties that are not of the user’s interest and only the properties which match to the selection criteria provided by the user are displayed.

    Advance Search

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  • MLS Search
    MLS (Multiple Listing Services) number search allows a user to search a property of his likings through a unique MLS number which is provided if the property is listed in a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) (also Multiple Listing System or Multiple Listings Service).

    MLS Search

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  • Mapping
    The search results are displayed with the help of interactive Google maps API. This helps the buyer to get an idea about the exact location of the property and the landmarks nearby. The location of the property is displayed as an icon in the map. The buyer can click on the icon to see the details of the property in pop up balloon. The details of the property give a clear picture to the buyer and helps in making up his
    mind to go for the deal.


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  • Neighborhood
    The mapping functionality also displays landmarks nearby such as Hotels, Schools, Public Buildings, etc. to help the user locate a property with ease.


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  • Price Indicators
    The price indicator functionality uses the interface with and provides pricing of neighborhood properties to get an idea about the cost of the property the
    user is interested in.

    Price Indicators

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  • Heat Maps
    Heat maps compare neighborhood values in a city. We utilize Zestimates® of homes by their square footage to show which neighborhoods are more or less expensive. Red to Green colors could show lower to higher valuation of properties

    Heat Maps

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  • Map
    Maps search allows a user to click on a certain area in the map and see the listings of that area without entering any inputs.

    The striking features of all the search functionalities are:

    Use of Ajax Controls to reduce the response time plays a crucial role in improving       the performance of the sites.
    Display of search results in different views (Gallery view and Detail view) as per user       convenience.
    Featured listings (paid listings) are given better ranks in search results than non       featured listings.

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 Website Packages
    4-8 Static information pages.
    Keyword property search.
    Integration with MLS
    Search property with Google Map API