About Us

STPL (www.stpl.biz) incorporated in 2004, is CMMI Level 3 Appraised and an ISO 9001:2015 offshore software development company with a strong team of highly skilled IT experts, catering its global clientele with innovative cost-effective solutions across different industry verticals.

We attribute our transformation from a startup to a renowned service provider to our ability to evolve continuously and drive for excellence.

STPL a NASSCOM accredited Microsoft Gold certified Partner is headquartered in San Mateo, California and is an undertaking of the SRM Group, founded in 1952 and running SRMCEM, one of the premier engineering colleges in India. The close collaboration between SRMCEM & STPL has for years ensured a large, talented pool of IT professionals.

Before getting swept away in the euphoria, we listed what we believed a good software company needed and measured ourselves on those dimensions:-
Exceptional Technical Skills

Our greatest strength was that we were all nerds. With degrees from MIT, Stanford, IIT Kanpur and development experience at Microsoft and Oracle, we felt quite confident of our ability to "out-nerd" anybody.

Good Client Skills

We might have been Indian software engineers with fairly heavy accents, but our client interactions with Fortune 500 clients had shown us that it was a hurdle that we could overcome.

Good Management Skills

Nerds we might have been, but nonetheless one of us had single handedly built up a college from scratch to 2500 students within 5 years. Add to this mix a Harvard MBA, a project manager from Oracle and a consultant, we did believe that we had the management skills required to start and run a company.