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The application has been developed to manage expense transactions and account them along with individual ledger accounts maintained for the respective entities. The application was developed to support the back office activities of company, in the business of real estate. However the experience is applicable in several other business operations.

The application has evolved over several years and is one of the preferred solution for Inventory Management and CRM. The client deployed the services of STPL to add additional transactions in the inventory module and integrate the application with the CRM.

The Real Estate business has significant amount of paper work for completing every purchase and sale transaction. This application has the ability to track and manage all entries of documents by creating alerts and providing a central view of document status. Application is capable of being restructured to meet the needs of any other domain where similar tracking of documents are required against a transaction docket.

This application has been developed to provide a portal where IT Support vendors and their prospective clients are listed. Vendors can be individual or teams. Their clients are generally small and medium size companies having limited internal support staff. The portal provides the tools required for listing IT Assets and tracking and managing the support process such as ticketing system and could turn out to be a mini Tivoli.

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