Android Development

There has been a great evolution in mobile operating system during last 15 years from Palm OS to Windows pocket PC, Blackberry OS and Android.

Android is a Linux based mobile operating system which allows advanced computer processing. The Android technology is owned by Google, Inc., which comprises of an operating system, key applications and software. The technology is unique, as the platform is actively developed by Google, but given to hardware manufacturers and phone carriers for free.

Highlights of
Android Technology
  • It supports numerous applications in Smart Phones, which are highly user-friendly and customized for the users.
  • Android has an online software market, which is also known as Android market that contains over 2.0 lakh games, applications, and widgets. Android OS, allows Android users to select and download applications created by 3rd party developers and utilize them.
  • Android applications are developed by using Java programming language.
  • For core system services such as memory management, network stack, driver model, process management, security, Android completely relies on Linux version 2.6.
  • It comprises of software development kit (Android SDK).
Android Applications
  • Android applications consist of two or more applications components, i.e. activities, content providers, services and broadcast receivers.
  • Each component plays a distinct role in the overall application behavior and can be activated individually.
  • All components of the application and its requirements must be declared by manifest file.
  • Non-code application resources must comprise alternative for various device configurations, i.e. different strings for various languages.
Security and Privacy
  • All Android applications run in a secluded area of the system, i.e. sandbox, that doesn’t have admittance to the rest of the system’s resources, unless the permission is granted by the user while installing the application.
  • The sandbox and permission system minimizes the impact of bugs and vulnerabilities in applications.