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STPL, a proficient and professional name in the software & IT services domain was incorporated in the year 2004. Providing the precise IT solutions globally, our offices are widely-rooted in San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia and Denver.

As a specialized IT solutions’ services provider worldwide, our stability, strength, size, profit and growth margins have well explained our success story. Our investments into the hard work and dedication for offering customer-centered services, has extended and diversified our client base everywhere on the globe.

Conceiving, developing and distributing our services with our business development partners are our new approach towards business expansion. We here commit to offer our elite business partners with the optimized and transparent corporate association. Inviting long-term association, we endure relationship and profit making for our business partners. We are confident and believe in a world of open-communication with our partners.

It’s not just the business we do, but it’s the mutual benefit we wish to share with you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Access to STPL marketing collateral including Presentations, Testimonials, Portfolio of Work and Case Studies.
  2. Assistance in preparing additional collateral depending on the client or market needs.
  3. Assistance in proposal preparation and sales pitch.
A. STPL will pay you the 10% of the refereed client’s billing, as commission.
A. Simply fill in the form below and we will be more than happy to get in touch with you.
A. All costs associated with its sales and marketing will be incurred by the individual Business Development Partners.
A. You will need to register any lead with us through the STPL online lead registration system only.
A. Incase of referred lead is a repetition then the same stands disqualified for commission. We shall let you know within 6 business days.
A. If STPL is successful in converting the referred lead into a client within 1 year, you shall be eligible for the commissions.
A. After your form submission, we shall send you an acknowledgment within six working days. Incase the lead qualifies our criteria we shall proceed with the further process.
A. Qualified Leads – any lead registered by you through the STPL online lead registration system and which has not been disqualified for any reason e.g. repeated lead.