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Health Care

Health Monitoring Corporation (HMC) offers products and services in sleep medicine for enhancing better health wellness. We are building business relationships with a number of partners allowing us to bring next decade technology into the marketplace. Our mission statement is to develop technology and services that will improve upon present day methods to diagnose and treat sleep disorders.

CardioVIP is a quantum leap forward in the field of cardiovascular risk characterization and care. Combining state-of-the-art testing, medication, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, CardioVIP uses a combination of technology and coaching to decrease heart disease and stroke while increasing heart health awareness and monitoring.

This application was developed for a client who is interested in the on line medical health insurance and manage the monthly medical expense.

The Client runs a health institute. Sleep Study Portal is an innovative drug free approach to the treatment of insomnia. Patients can get the individual and personalized treatment of sleep problem on the internet, in the comfort and privacy of their home.

This project was port of a collaborative development effort with the client. STPL was required to develop a module for the Sleep Analyzer tool being designed and developed by the client. This module was to provide the user interface for setting up the parameter required to be set up while undertaking a sleep study.

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