Microsoft SharePoint

With a significant feature of Microsoft skills service, at STPL, we also build the world of SharePoint services. Microsoft SharePoint is a new class of application that extends to the highest user personalization level. The application offers the user with great features like predefined templates; project management; task management; discussion forums and many others. It’s a totally customized way of user creation and consumption of information, in their own format.

SharePoint provide the unique feature of accessing the same files from any location in the world. The application can be well used for assigning team tasks and sub-tasks for a particular project to team members and track their development on the project. This becomes vital if your team is spread in different parts of the world.

We offer our clients with Microsoft SharePoint services to engage the client, for sharing ideas, and reformulate the world of working together. Our developers, Find in-depth resources on documentation, training, videos, along with the code samples, as per the client needs. Using our SharePoint services, you can even have your complete website hosted.

Associate your work in a 24 X 7 environment, from any part of the world with MS-SharePoint and track your projects in an independent manner.