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Give Your Healthcare Services a Global Platform with STPL Customized Software Solutions!!

Access millions of patient's data effortlessly, reduce care, control and testing cost, make your services reach the world by complying with industry regulations with STPL healthcare provider services.

Dwindling budgets, rising costs, surfeit of regulatory compliance deadlines and constantly increasing demand of delivering high quality healthcare facilities exert pressure to have a customized operating system.

STPL, healthcare software development services, boosts operational efficiencies and streamline work processes by building customized software system or platform that help healthcare service providers to meet the requirements of the Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Insurance Portability.

Our highly professional team of software developers, who have a vast knowledge and experience in the healthcare software development industry, formulates customized solutions and SEO marketing strategies in such a manner, that it helps achieve optimal results.

STPL's Healthcare software development services enable you to BEST utilize the technology to perform tasks Efficiently, Speedily and Affordably.

STPL is a Fast, Effective, Easy-to-Use Healthcare Applications and Services provider.
Areas We Expertise:
  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software applications

    There is no need to handle document bundle to see the whereabouts of patients. Instead, retrieve them online through electronic health records software.

    Key Benefits
    • Easy access to securely stored health information of patients.
    • Regular analysis of health care reports of patients through better coordination .
    • Desired communication between labs, physicians and pharmacies.
    • Easy billing procedures.
    • Improved communication between physicians/doctors and patients.
  • Medical billing software

    STPL, medical provider services have a thorough knowledge of the domain and regulatory compliances guideline i.e. HL7, HIPAA, CCHIT etc. to come up with an efficient medical billing software.

    Key Benefits
    • Save time.
    • Reduce costs and risks.
    • Enhance profits.
  • Laboratory information management system

    The laboratory management software requires effective billing features that can interface with PMS, HIS and EMRs.

    Key Benefits
    • Customizable user interface, functionalities, reporting, fields etc.
    • Data import/export provision with security.
    • Tracking sample feature.
    • Billing system integration.
  • Ambulatory care

    The need to deal with hundreds of pharmacies, electronically prescribing to pharmacies, etc. requires ambulatory care management software that works effectively to reduce work pressure.

  • Practice Management System Software (PMS)

    It helps fulfill the demands of both small and large healthcare setups. STPL healthcare provider services deliver customized solutions that help operate tasks efficiently in a profitable way.

    Key Benefits
    • With STPL practice management system, one can streamline the subsystems including patient demographics, billing, scheduling appointments, claims, statements and reporting.
  • Healthcare Information System (HIS)

    It is quite difficult to streamline activities and information across several departments in healthcare units, hospitals and medical setups. Therefore, one requires healthcare information system software to handle the entire task effectively.

    Key Benefits
    • Seamless coordination between departments.
    • Access to real- time data and support system.
    • Reduce costs and medical errors.
    • Improved efficiency and decision making processes.
    • Better healthcare.
  • Mobile Healthcare Development Software

    People, now days can live without food, but not without their mobile. Everyone prefers searching data online, whether it is health related or other. The mobile healthcare development software helps clients gain a strong web presence.

    STPL, offshore software Development Company has expertise in creating mobile application development too. We develop applications across iOS, Android, Windows and Cross platforms.

  • Healthcare E-learning system

    Integrated and interactive e-learning programs we develop, that works across multiple platforms.

    Key Benefits
    • Online assessments tests/ communicative quizzes.
    • Sharing of information on multimedia platforms.
    • Knowledge management tools.
  • Clinic/Hospital/ Health care unit management and scheduling appointment software.

At STPL, we endeavor to deliver effective outcome by advanced efforts.

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