Electron Js Development

Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, the ElectronJS framework, also known as Atom Shell, is one of the finest frameworks to build cross-platform-rich desktop applications. It supports Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems. In the modern era, people are looking forward to a faster and easy-to-use desktop application that can be capable of managing heavy loads, and hence ElectronJS comes to mind as one of the best selections.

This framework is for a big level of application development. STPL has adopted this framework with its initial release and our programmers are updated with the latest and stable version.

Key Benefits
  • Electron provides a high level of data security
  • It functions faster than native applications.
  • The electron can be used in both web and desktop applications.
  • There are automatic updates and convenient installers.
  • Best from the business point of view.
  • Its reduced cost and development time.
  • Proven experience using ElectronJS for web and desktop applications.
  • STPL had adopted this framework from the very beginning.
  • Developed enterprise-level desktop solutions and delivered on time.
  • Great record of repeat and happy clients.
  • Open to work in your business time.
  • Committed and highly motivated team.