Vision, Mission & Values


To emerge as a premier provider of end to end custom software solutions.


Provide Software and IT Management Services to our Partners to enhance their performance through technology and computational power by augmenting their Human & Operating Capital without increasing their fixed costs.


At STPL we make our decisions based on what's right for our stakeholders-our customers, our employees and our community. We believe that a great business decision is one which benefits all three constituents.

  • Complete customer satisfaction is our primary goal.
  • ..which we shall achieve by servicing our customers promptly and accurately.
  • We believe that employees provide life to our company.
  • ..and we are committed to providing them with the best possible work environment.
  • We provide a base for sustainable development by efficiently nurturing the local talents....… ‘think global but act local’ thus preventing migration.

We believe that if we make our decisions keeping these principles in mind, we will surely be able to make a fair return on our business.