Our Case Studies

ATM Network Management

ATA is ATM network management system which provides online facility to the customer and users. They install new ATM and provide service for the repairs of damaged ATM. Customer can see the ATM history and services for any ATM.

Eqstra Pool Vehicle Booking System

Pool Vehicle Booking System is a web-based application that can be used to manage and monitor the booking of available vehicles to the available drivers for a particular location. Different roles are assigned to users who are responsible from the Book Out till the Book In of vehicles. The site will be a great tool for the management of company’s vehicles.

Sleep Study Consultation Portal

The Client runs a health institute. Sleep Study Portal is an innovative drug free approach to the treatment of insomnia. Patients can get the individual and personalized treatment of sleep problem on the internet, in the comfort and privacy of their home.

A Social Network of People Who Love Horses

Application work as portal for stake holders involved in the business of Horses. The portal facilitates interaction where people can buy/ sell and trade the product and services related to horses. The application enables such trading from simple classified advertisements to auction.

Social Networking Focused Marketing

The application connects Product Vendors and Socially Networked groups to facilitate focused marketing of products. The application has been developed to manage products and inventories for the vendors and manage an extensive commission distribution plan across the vendors, social networks and the client.

Betting Analysis Support Services

The Application receives and analyses the data feeds coming in from the other gaming websites, where people have been betting on the Sports Events. The analyzed information is graphically presented to the clients to help them make better choices.

Real Estate Exchange for All Stake Holders

The application is being developed to be a central portal for all stake holders, institutions and individuals in the business of Real Estate. The site will facilitate cross border RE investments while supporting the Company global and personal brokerage network.

Real Estate Property Search Engine

The project focused on building a unified portal where a visitor can search for a property, listed on any of the other real estate portal, initially in the US and then finally globally. The application maintains live data feed from increasing number of Real Estate property information provider. The application is also envisaged to build a social network of various stake holders involved in the business of Real Estate.

Jewelry Trading Portal

The Client is in the business of selling classing and fine jewelry to its clients through its dealers as well as directly to customers. The client had got the application developed with another software services provider. The client took services of STPL to test the developed application and manage and control the debug and testing cycle of the project.

Yard Sale News Paper Advertisement

The application provides a portal where News Papers in conjunction with the Yard sale advertisers provide a web based experience to supplement the advertisement released in the news paper. Advertisers have option to upload graphics and additional information about their products. Prospective buyers have search option to select sale advertisements matching their product categories and in the neighborhood. The USP of the application is to provide a mapping functionality along with driving directions and weather forecast for the selected yard sales.

Product Catalog and Order Tracking

The application has been developed to provide an Electronic Catalog with a difference. The application required high quality graphics to be managed and rendering had to be made available to specific users based on their geographical locations. A robust Content Management System was built for this application to ensure easy access and update.

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