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Client Testimonials

"I have tried about 10 companies & finally found a company that is honorable & professional. I can recommend this company with my own personal guarantee! "

Website: www.4pos.co.za

"We just started working together few weeks ago, and now it is a partnership between us. We can rely on them in various areas, including web design, web development and any kind of task we have. Quality of the delivered solution is very good, communication between us is perfect. Strongly recommend them! "

Gabor Blasko
Senior Partner-Finex Solutions
Website: http://finex.solutions/

"Bigger project than was first imagined. STPL's team handled everything professionally.

Great team! Great work! Very skilled individuals. Keeping lines of communication open during development keeps everything running more smoothly.
Intelligent, hardworking, devoted and patient team! Great to work with!
The project is coming along nicely. STPL's team is very patient and professional. It is great to have there help and input.
Communication has been excellent. All individuals involved have been very professional and patient."


"I would like to express my sincere thanks to your team for the excellent support they have given to us these past few weeks on our projects. Your QA team have worked tirelessly and delivered excellent work. Also, I am very grateful, as well as impressed with the way you rallied your team this weekend, a holiday weekend, to meet some last minute testing requirements from our side to support our project. I really appreciate your support. Please let the team know how much we appreciate their support."

My Ngo
Alexander Jewelry

"I am very happy to state that the service STPL has supplied to us has been first rate, I would (and do) recommend your company to anyone who views the internet as an important part of their promotional strategy. Excellent service, STPL surpassed all of our expectations."

Mr. Ulrik William Nash

"We are very happy with the consistency and commitment shown by STPL staff in the support they have provided to us. They have been a great partner and have helped improve our worldwide support coverage and reduce turnaround times. Partnering with STPL has proved to be a win-win for our business and our customers. We very much enjoyed our visit to India. We were very impressed with the STPL operations and the hospitality we received from everyone could not have been bettered. It was very much appreciated."

Ben Levi
CIO, A. Royale Merchandising Services, Australia

"STPL provides superior service and has an excellent team supporting them. Their work product is very professional and thorough."

Real Estate Company, USA

"While still a young company, STPL has a solid set of technical skills and a good management team in place. We started working with them early in their development because we wanted to have a long term partner. As it currently stands they have continued to execute against our plan and live up to our expectations.
Our first experience with Project Listing Exchange Portals and of course with STPL. They were professional and very competent. We were 100% pleased with results and they were there for us at every step, change, and revision. I'd use them again in a heartbeat."

Los Angles

"STPL has been a pleasure to work with.
STPL has been wonderful!"

CEO, Platinum

You guys have done a very nice job designing and laying out the website even without meeting us for once, having to communicate only by e-mail with someone literally halfway around the world. Thanks for all of your help and hard work!"

Jake Yacoubi
Partner, Elyac Realty

"My experience with STPL has been outstanding. They were able to use their expertise and creativity to design a user-friendly lead generating site. Their assistance was also used in the design of my logo, which was designed with my constant input. The ideas I had on how I wanted my site to function was taken into careful consideration and then integrated into their creativity. I feel the final product met all of my goals and also has cutting edge technology to add value to my customer's experience."

Joe Rosenkrantz
CIO, Case Global

"STPL has team of very skilled people from very reputed schools like Stanford, MIT and Harvard Business School. They are technically very proficient; we were satisfied with the expertise that they offer. They also sent a team of onsite engineers during the requirements phase that made the process very easy. Although we had asked for weekly status updates, they were very eager and provided updates at least twice in a week. They had also suggested a few extra features that were not part of the initial requirements of the project which tells me even at the development level there is a lot of thinkers and problem solvers. I was much satisfied with the results of the project and would love to work with them in near future."


“When I set up my company in Mar, 08 I had so little IT knowledge, I didn't have a clue how to find a web designer or what it all involved. My IT advisor arranged a meeting with STPL and here we are today! I have a fantastic website with very good feedback from clients. I also have a very good page ranking even though the website has only been live for 4 months.

All the members of the team at STPL have been helpful, very pleasant and approachable and were very good at anticipating my needs. I was with the website development at each stage and there is nothing those guys can't do! I am very pleased with the finished product. The help from the team has continued both over the phone and also keeping an eye on the web stats and the slight tweaks to the website."

Christopher Benes
Streaming Music Inc.

"I wanted to write and say a very big thank you to you and all your team.
I just had a chance this morning to sit down and really look at the site -- how it works -- how everything moves from one thing to another -- without worrying about all the little details that I have been focused on for the last month.
I must say -- it's really beautiful and it exceeds all of my expectations.
When I began this process, I had no idea how much time and energy and work went into creating a website. I have a much deeper appreciation now for all of these things and I want to thank you for everything you have done to make a beautiful and effective "Widget Panel" for my site."
Thank you again.
With appreciation,

Jeff Jensen
Founder JeffJensen.com

I found STPL, Inc. personnel to be very technically proficient engineers for the project task I asked them to do. I cannot speak to their technical skills for other projects I have no understanding of. I found STPL, Inc. personnel very pleasant to work with. They utilized a professional, courteous demeanor whenever appropriate, but could tell a joke or two on occasion. They brought a can do" solutions perspective to the table for technical issues. They also demonstrated an understanding of my own business needs, and looked for ways to help our two businesses grow together over time. After engaging STPL, Inc. for the first project, I am looking to engage them again for other project work that my company will need in the near future."

San Francisco

"WOW! Now I have to live up to the quality in my consulting. It really looks great, Sonny! I had no idea how complex it was going to be. Can I refer possible clients (for you, too)? I need to have some idea of cost when that question comes up. What do I say? THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM FOR A SPLENDID JOB!"

Peter S. Wedeen
President, The Early Bird Group

“Our experience with STPL was positive from start to finish. They were clear and concise and helped me identify what would best suit my needs and then set about creating what was needed. Consultation throughout helped me immensely. The end result has been a great success. Many people have commented on the finished site positively. "Easy to navigate" and "clear" are often comments heard. Our business increased greatly once the site went live.

I have been completely satisfied with my website development and the continuing support that has been offered. I would have no hesitation in recommending STPL Internet to my business colleagues, friends, family etc. I wish STPL good luck with the move to new premises and say thank you for the help they have given me and the support they are still offering."

Todd Chwialkowski
Colorado Resource Solutions

"I was recommended to STPL by a friend who, at the time, I hadn’t known long but he was confident that the STPL team could get my site up the rankings. I decided therefore to give them a try and the comparatively small amount of money which I have so far spent with STPL appears to be well spent as, together with input from myself, I am surely moving up the rankings!

I have recommended STPL to other people as I know that they can and will deliver the goods for them. Of course this can’t be done without hard work from both sides but is certainly a case of what you get out of your website is equal to what you put into it."

Eric Van Soldt

"Since handing over the management of our website to STPL we have acted on their advice and allowed them total control in the redesign of the site. Since going live with the new HTML package in January 2008 we are enjoying an increase in month on month hits of over 1000%, a ten fold increase in traffic! We now feature on page 1 of just about every worthwhile search engine."

Michael Abelaj
Partner, Speed Date Inc.

"I searched the internet for my favorite e-commerce website. A few of the STPL sites really impressed me so I prepared a brief detailing my very specific customized requirements. At a very productive initial meeting we fine tuned the specifications and agreed the price.

I was really impressed with the final outcome. The team at STPL probably over delivered against the brief. More importantly, business took off immediately. We did $5000 on the very first day of trading! Ongoing help and support has been fantastic and we are due to meet again soon to develop the second phase of the website's development."

David Ambs
CEO, Chatter Horses Inc.

"We decided to use STPL as our Website developers due to their personal and professional approach in solving our web problems. We feel that their expertise has helped our internet presence and assisted in generating sales greatly. In my dealings with STPL they have always been ready and willing to assist in my queries, however basic they might have been. They have always returned emails and calls whenever requested."

Phil Michaelson
KartMe Inc.

"STPL staff was pro-active participants throughout the conception, design and deployment phases of the project. STPL team is technically proficient, extremely professional and took pains to develop a detailed mutual understanding of the project even prior to signing a contract. I found them prompt in addressing our requirements and I am very much pleased with their services."

Adam Perlman
Founder, Adam Perlman Inc.

"STPL is much more than a team of programmers—they provide professional, dedicated project managers that take personal responsibility for the project scope and schedule, and make sure changes and feedback are communicated clearly to the graphic artists, programmers, and other technical experts. Throughout the project, STPL stayed connected to our vision and constantly offered ideas for improving our application, so that the finished product was much better than the original design"

Ryan Grendahl
CEO, Kitvo

“We are working on a complex scheduling system, built from scratch and the STPL team has been SUPER responsive. They've also offered various ideas that have improved usage of the system tremendously, their communication has been frequent and detailed and the quality of the documents provided to us to date has been excellent. I would strongly recommend them for any significant development effort."

Randolph Rhett
CIO Quid Inc.

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