Flutter Development

Flutter is Google’s SDK for mobile development. Flutter’s (UI Toolkit) single codebase can beautifully craft applications for Mobile, Web and Desktop. With Flutter SDK coders can write cross platform apps and also have ready to use widgets, tools, libraries which our coders leverage.

STPL is currently working on SDK 2.2 to build apps which compliments the client’s business idea to not design and develop a world class application however also focuses on increased ROI through due diligence.

Key Benefits on Flutter
  • Quick paced development using pre written code
  • Cost Effective
  • Cross platform development
  • Open Source
  • High Performance
  • Hot reload and development
  • Leverage the hands-on experience of 4-6 years of experience of our coders.
  • Agile based development.
  • Rapid development and deployment services at an affordable price.
  • Mandatory Unit Testing with QA, QC.
  • Custom solution within budget and on time delivery.
  • Use of actual devices and not simulators.