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STPL - Transforming Social Networking to Business Networking!!

The popular social networking website applications like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Linkedln gave a whole new direction to online business by marketing products, establishing good relationship with customers, getting genuine feedback, and enhancing sales. These web based applications have grown at such a tremendous rate, that many companies now prefer to have their own social networking website.

STPL creates an interactive top-notch platform which facilitates networking between users or organizations, sharing views on common ground interest, values, profession, kinship, ambition, products and services.

We at STPL, endeavor to deliver customized social networking websites and applications tailored to meet the specific requirements of our client's business. It helps improve functionality, efficiency and facilitate value addition.

STPL is expertise in developing robust, user-friendly and scalable social networking website applications by incorporating inventive features that gather user interests.

STPL, Web Development Services- Key Features:
  • Interactive platform that actually gives the feel and look of your business with highly tailored custom features.
  • People usually come back for things, which they find to be interesting and amusing. The same fact applies to social networking applications. Make a rich feature website whose functionality is entirely different from others.
  • STPL create social networking websites which act in accordance with strict security standards. Our client confidentiality is our priority.
  • STPL believes in delivering quality work and establishing a long-term relationship with clients. We first understand your business goals, strategy and then apply the same on your social networking website by making use of the latest trend and technology so as to maximize your revenue.
STPL, Social Networking Application Development Services:
  • Conceptualization.
  • Innovative User Interface.
  • Custom website development and testing.
  • Website optimization and maintenance.
STPL's social networking website development modules:
  • Homepage, directories, profiles, news.
  • Member registration and authentication.
  • Login and registration form, personal profile page, personalized profile URL, private messaging.
  • Invites, photos, calendar, forums, articles, events, blogs, IM, Email, jobs, classified.
  • MP3 players, Group management, page creator.
  • Privacy controls.
  • Store with shopping cart, audio and video upload module, advanced CSS.
  • Site designer, content management, announcements, themes.
  • Private groups.
  • Membership fees, event fees.
  • Admin login.

STPL bespoke IT solutions offer both internal social networking (ISN) and external social networking (ESN) sites.

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