Strategic Frontend Business Efficiency Software

Strategic Frontend is a web 2.0 software application that utilizes established business theory principals to increase the efficiency of a business. It utilizes web 2.0 concepts of knowledge sharing, user centered design, and multi system operation for making itself convenient to use and understand.

An efficient business is one in which a vision is converted into successful market initiative in the least time possible using the least effort. However, several organizations suffer with slow analytical business processes and communication means that hinder this concept of efficiency. This is a modern day business problem. Information that should be at hand easily is often lost in emails and wikis. Analysts and managers spend time in finding relevant information which slows down the process of driving a vision into a successful market initiative. Strategic Frontend is an answer to this problem of business inefficiency.

The software is web based and divided into 16 applications. The Business View, Portfolio, Competitive Intelligence, and Open Innovation applications are mainly used by high level executives to set down a vision for execution. Business regions are defined in business view, Portfolio maintains market information within regions, and Open Innovation allows employees to come together for sharing new vision related ideas. The Market Strategy, Scorecards, Initiatives and Projects, and Product Launch applications are intended to be used by marketing executives in order to execute on market strategies that support long term visions. Since market strategies are based on analytical results the market strategy application has the ability to maintain and display analytical reports. The Customer Strategy, Key Account Strategy, Marketing Campaigns, and Opportunity Management tools are intended to be used by sales and customer account management executives for executing on marketing strategies. Besides offering typical CRM features these applications allow users to create networks of sales teams and allow them to collaborate, manage multi step campaigns, and make custom triggers for informing of opportunities.

Strategic Frontend utilizes established performance management tools that are taught at MBA programs and used by consulting firms such as McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company. For instance, the Balanced Scorecard is a performance management tool created by Art Schneiderman, Dr Robert S Kaplan, David P Norton in the 1990's. It's known for summarizing financial and non financial achievements on a single report. The illustration below shows Strategic Frontend's implementation of the Balanced Scorecard.

Based on marketing figures and information entered in to the marketing related applications of the system the Scorecard application can be quickly configured to display meaningful dashboards for executive decision makers.

Being Google Apps compliant is an advantage that Strategic Frontend has to offer. Unlike other software in which user accounts have to be created and maintained by users Strategic Frontend can import and use Google App users. Business executives who use Google Apps for their email, calendar, and documents can simply login to Strategic Frontend with the same credentials once their accounts are imported. Furthermore they can make their Strategic Frontend applications interact with their other Google Applications, such as create Google Calendar appointments, without any extensive setup processes.

Various hosting options are available for Strategic Frontend. It can be hosted on proprietary servers or is capable of being set up in cloud settings such in Microsoft's Azure or the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform. The creators of Strategic Frontend, TMG group, offer server installation and cloud management services via STPL is a software services vendor that has expertise with Strategic Frontend.

From the end user design point of view, Strategic Front end has been created keeping in mind different computing platforms. It is compatible with most famous tablets and mobile devices. Customization services are available for clients who seek for it to work on specific devices which are not common in the market.

In a nutshell, Strategic Frontend improves productivity. It does so by offering information in a streamlined and flexible manner to managers. Utilizing established business theory principals it can reduce expenditures on consultants. In a way it is your automated consultant which helps you to cut costs by reducing time consumed in the decision making process.

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