SRM Group

STPL the Software Services Company set up by the SRM Group of Companies. Founded in 1952 the SRM Group plays a critical role in the development of talent in the Northern region of India through its endeavors in education and software services. On the education front, the group operates Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management (SRMCEM) having 2000 students. Having grown into one of the foremost engineering colleges of India, its graduates are highly sought after for good quality jobs.

Software Services business is operated through STPL, an entity incorporated in Nevada, USA with an office in California and SRM TechSol Pvt Limited, (STPL, India) running the offshore facility in Lucknow, India.

STPL ( is founded by graduates from Stanford, Berkeley, MIT and IITs. It is a global software and management services company dedicated to providing business solutions which enable enterprises to meet their business objectives rapidly, efficiently and cost effectively.
By using our offshore IT professionals for development, enhancement and maintenance projects, our clients are able to focus their own IT professionals on mission critical projects. Balanced use of resources improves the ROI for their company and reduces total cost of ownership – TCO- of IT solutions.

We believe that three factors set STPL apart from our competitors:-
Strong Management Team

Our greatest strength was that we were all nerds. With degrees from MIT, Stanford, IIT Kanpur and development experience at Microsoft and Oracle, we felt quite confident of our ability to "out-nerd" anybody.

Location Advantage

The synergy arising from the close collaboration between the engineering college and the software services effort, ensure that we provide a sustainable pool of talented IT professionals.

Domain Expertise:

Our top team has in depth experience in wide variety of business domains such as Hospitality, Education, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Finance, Telecommunication and Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Cutting Edge Research in the fields of Data Mining, RFID applications etc. On the technology side experience extends from open systems to Microsoft/Oracle etc.