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Our Case Studies


The application has been developed to build a messaging module to be integrated by the client in the wider social networking application being developed by the client. Module is to be interactive as well as asynchronous.

STPLs services were engaged in testing the compatibility of accessibility of application for physically challenged people.

STPL services were engaged in testing the compatibility of accessibility of application for physically challenged people.

This project was port of a collaborative development effort with the client. STPL was required to develop a module for the Sleep Analyzer tool being designed and developed by the client. This module was to provide the user interface for setting up the parameter required to be set up while undertaking a sleep study.

The application has evolved over several years and is one of the preferred solution for Inventory Management and CRM. The client deployed the services of STPL to add additional transactions in the inventory module and integrate the application with the CRM.

The project focused on building a unified portal where a visitor can search for a property, listed on any of the other real estate portal, initially in the US and then finally globally. The application maintains live data feed from increasing number of Real Estate property information provider. The application is also envisaged to build a social network of various stake holders involved in the business of Real Estate.

The Application receives and analyses the data feeds coming in from the other gaming websites, where people have been betting on the Sports Events. The analyzed information is graphically presented to the clients to help them make better choices.

Adobe Primetime is focused at providing a cloud based video service that will address the end-to end video infrastructure needs of both types of content providers described above. Adobe Primetime Web Services is firmly focused on delivering an end-to-end video service for both traditional pay-tv operators & OTT providers, who have premium content and require to outsource the video infrastructure to a trusted partner.

This application was developed for a client who is interested in the supply of the ready made food product to the user through FedEx/Shipping management. This a supply chain management system (SCM) portal required on line payment system.

Global Order Out is an innovative, web-based vendor ordering platform. Where a single screen template is used to obtain all third party services required to process mortgage home loans. User can select the suitable company for his/her personal loan.

The application has been developed to support multiple processes and activities in the domain of Shipping Transportation and Warehousing business in shipping of the user products and good,

This application provide online streaming audio and video services and facilitates event booking by allowing artists (as represented by themselves and/or their managers), venues (as represented by their managers and/or owners) and promoters to actively collaborate using the services.

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  • 23 May 2018Virgil Holdings acquires Hcareers
  • 11 November 2016STPL Launch Mobile app for marketing
  • 24 October 2016STPL Appraised at CMMI Level 3
  • 15 October 2016STPL Upgraded 4POS software which deals in point of sales
  • 10 June 2016SRM Public School App
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