Mobile Web Design

Internet with an ever changing environment demands to keep up with the latest technologies and greatest communication platforms. With Smart phones and tablets on the rise, almost every Internet user access content online through mobile devices. Therefore, a website must be designed in a way such that it is responsive enough to run well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Responsive design is a new trend in the mobile market that helps make websites compatible to mobile devices with different resolutions and sizes.

STPL Mobile Web Design Services

At STPL, we render mobile web design services to help our clients reach scattered target audiences easily. We design and develop the mobile version of the website which can be easily accessed on multiple browsers.

The WAP based technology enables mobile users to access websites by keeping focus mainly on the relevant information. Our proven mobile web design process begins with strategy, perception and validation to project planning, designing, architecture, development, implementation, QA, testing and Launch.

Key Features of Mobile web Design
  • Prolific and functional mobile web design solutions.
  • Easily accessible with minimum load time.
  • Compatible screen size.
  • Easy to maintain, develop and update.
Our Web Developers

Developers at STPL are well-versed with touch screen navigation, simple website structure, and quick loading characteristic of mobile web design. In addition to this, their deep understanding of iPhone, iPad, Android and web based technology helps them to bring a level of expertise to the enterprise like no one else.

  • Target-oriented mobile web designs.
  • Use of latest technologies to develop responsive designs which run smoothly on all browsers.
  • Maintains information confidentiality.
  • Strict time management and competitive pricing.
  • Over 10 years of experience in web designing.
  • Implementing proven methodologies and process.