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Project Name: IT Infra Support Portal
The client has been in the business of providing IT support to its clients. Having experienced the difficulties faced in this business both by the service provider as well as their clients, this application has been envisaged and commissioned for development.

The client has been looking for an efficient way of handling the information to manage their infrastructures.
STPL has had experience of developing applications where communities of service providers and people who take such services are hosted together. This experience has ranged from Healthcare to E Commerce.

STPL also has internal processes of managing their own IT Infrastructure and providing similar support to some of their clients.

In view of the above experience STPL was the choice made by the client.
Project Overview
  • This is the tool used to manage the information used to manage IT infrastructures for companies deploying IT Infrastructure to run their businesses.
  • The IT professional can access their clients’ IT Asset information from any computer or mobile device with access to the Internet. The IT Professional can utilize this to reduce time needed to locate appropriate information to facilitate support, make recommendations on technology, and identify issues before they become critical to their client.
  • In the event that the technician will be unavailable during a period of time, the IT professional can make their clients’ information available to a partner as he/she chooses.   

An Independent IT Pro can create IT Service Company of his own and once he creates an ITSC he’ll be the owner of the same. IT Pro can edit his account’s/company’s details and can manage clients detail also.

An ITSC owner can maintain an IT staff by adding IT Pros. An email will be generated for each IT Pro (Under IT staff) wherein they will be provided with a unique password to manage their individual accounts.

ITSC owner can share the same client between IT Pros by client sharing. He can also maintain a Resource Library wherein documents of type Service Level Agreements, Contracts, Receipts, and Quotes can be downloaded.

A client of an IT Pro or an ITSC is the one who seeks IT Services. A client can add employees for his company and can edit/remove employees’ details.

Ticket details along with the status and count of active tickets (With open status) will be displayed in this dashboard.

A client can be shared by other IT Pros also by client sharing, managed by an independent IT Pro or an ITSC owner.

This IT Pro can be independent who eventually creates an ITSC of his own. This can also be employed by an IT Services company or a person employed in an IT department for a client. An IT pro can maintain an IT Team by creating one and requesting various other IT Pros to join the team. An email will be generated for the same, to all invitees, to join the team.

Tickets that are assigned to any IT pro can be closed/cancelled, or can be kept on hold as per the priority, by IT Pro himself .An IT pro is also responsible for the Clients Asset Management (hardware management and system profile) and vendor management (one who provides services to the client).Employees can be added by him to work for a specific client.
An IT pro can send an email with a URL to a potential subscriber of similar account type for a financial benefit under referral system.

An employee is created by an IT Pro for client company or by a client or by an admin. He will be one who can manage his account details and can raise tickets with status on-hold an employee can not edit any of his ticket details, any changes by admin, on any of the ticket would be seen in employee dashboard.

Administrator of a client company is an authorized person to review or approve tickets raised by his employees besides maintaining his employees’ data. Once a ticket is created by an employee, that ticket will automatically visible in admin dashboard. An admin can assign an IT Pro (who will try to work it out), changes the severity after reviewing it and changes the status to open /closed /cancelled. An admin can create more employees for his company, who can also work as an admin.
Key requirements for the application are Scalable, Reliable and Secure as the application will be used to support IT Infrastructure of multiple clients and will be used by very technically knowledgeable people.

Application is envisaged to be mini version of Tivoli and in future releases expected to automate the information collection of IT Assets in an organization.
Technology Used
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • C# 2.0
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • CSS
  • Scripting Languages - JavaScript, VB Script
  • Database - SQL Server 2005
  • Testing Tools - QTP 9.2 , Dev Partner

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