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Project Name: The Brighton Collection
The Client is a leading dealer of Light Fittings and Chandeliers. In this Application client required that the Electrical products related to different categories, have to be displayed world wide through a web based catalog and became a major marketing tool for different users such as General users, Trade users and Show room users. The product portfolio includes antique lighting aficionados carefully handcrafted using traditional techniques and materials.
The professionals of STPL possess a deep understanding of the industry; it's this knowledge that helps deliver solutions that really work. We have worked on these kinds of product for long enough to get a good knowledge of how the application works and what problems are faced while the development of the application. The company emphasis’s on quality and the management is always keen to deliver the product on time. STPL consists of experienced developers and testers who are well versed in different platforms and can provide you with a quality product. We can implement all kind of new technologies in your product and can make it attractive.
This is a unique platform where different users like visitor user, trade user and show room user could visited on the site on regular bases. This project is providing the facility of login for each user and view the product of different categories on Site.
It follows strict quality assurance methodologies. Our quality assurance is reflected in all processes and activities of design, development, implementation and maintenance of software. STPL is certified from ISO 9001:2000.

Each process is monitored and evaluated for accuracy and effectiveness at various levels. The entire possible scenario are run and tested so that there is no chance of any kind of error or bug in the product. We are constantly in touch with the customer to identify their exact needs, develop and tailor our services and solutions to ensure quality of every deliverables.

Project Overview
This application contains two important modules User module and Admin Module, User module display the products of different categories and Admin module keep track of these products. Admin module also keeps the records of different users and those records of products and users keep stored into data base.

Users can browse different categories like Ceiling, wall, Floor, etc and also browse through sub categories for each category.

Users can search the products by quick search or advanced search

Users can select a category and download the pricelist

The implementation of this web based Application was challenging and innovative.

Product data base required to be built to support different levels of categorization.

The database model was real challenging and extendable. All the modules are fully integrated and are sharing the same Databases.

Database had to shared between all the applications of the client. STPL Inc. came up with scalable design of database and application structure.

The client’s aim for the Application was to meet these requirements and specifications with a flexible approach that could enable quick and reliable development.

Client required that the rendering of web pages to the prospective user is not only dependent of the profile of the user but also depend on the geographical location where the users is connecting the application from.

With extensive experience in Web application assessment exercises STPL Inc. Designed and developed the innovative solution to meet all the requirements of the clients.

The most important Problems of this application was its large size images in mega Bytes which had to be reduced into smaller size (Kb) while maintaining its aspect ratio of height & width that is 3/2, without change in the actual contrast and brightness of the image.

The image was to be stored in database in binary format and also create the PDF of that reduced images. This process was handled while the Administrator uploads the original Image of particular category. To reduce this problem lot of development effort had to be done and written through classes and DLLs to generate the reduced image and PDF.

The second most problem we faced on this application was related with the Database part. The client wanted that both the original images (in mega Bytes) and reduced images are have stored in database. So due to this the size of table in which images is stored become really large (in GB) and could slowdown the access to this database. This problem was resolved by creating Indexes on each table for making the access fast. STPL transformed the business logic into product and presented the case in a manner that could help client to achieve maximum returns.

Technology Used
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • C# 2.0
  • CSS
  • MVC-Frame-Work
  • IIS 6.0
  • Scripting Languages - JavaScript, VB Script
  • Database - SQL Server 2005
  • Testing Tools – QTP 9.2 , Dev Partner

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