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Project Name: Sales Transaction Processing
Inventory control software owned by the client is powerful enough to support companies with up to $99 billion a year in sales. The client offers a wide range of Inventory Software and accounting solutions, from a single user version to the 3000+ user SQL Client-Server Edition.
STPL's experience in building applications in a distributed development environment was particularly useful.

Client has been building the application over several years through its own development resources in Canada and taking help of some resources located in the Europe..

STPL's experience in understanding ERP based applications coupled with long technology experience of Dot Net technologies, made STPL as the natural choice for the client.

Project Overview
This CRM application is a 100% Microsoft .NET- based CRM application suite which houses and automates all the critical business information an organization needs to develop effective sales, marketing and customer service strategies.

In this project STPL is to provide a module for the creation of quotes, sales order and invoice. The challenges that we encountered were as follows:

Account Management
History of all interactions with customers and prospects, on an individual or company-wide level, are contained in this powerful CRM software application.

Also, included in the CRM package is marketing functionality complete with call center features. This will maximize the marketing dollars by allowing creating, executing, managing and tracking successful campaigns that increase leads and generate sales.

Easy To Use
This CRM application is easy to use. Designed with a logical interface, the instantly-familiar Microsoft look and feel and convenient tab orientation allows the team to navigate effortlessly through the system using the intuitive navigation tree and bar. User can view, edit and search for important customer data in record time. This ultimately empowers the organization to build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers and prospects.

The challenges that we encountered were as follows:

1. Client required navigation and interface similar to Quick books.

2. Number of item included were as high as 150,000 and a fast search on the basis of
    several criteria like item name, code or description was desirable.

3. To provide facility for the creation of items and adding them to a new transaction without
    any flicker.

4. To provide a facility to apply several taxes on the transaction items as soon as there is a
    new entry or a change in the previous entry.

5. To provide the look and feel of a single transaction with all their items listed in one page
    like an actual transaction on a paper.
The solution we provided addressed the above challenges:

1. We used Ajax (auto complete feature) to get the partial list of items on the basis of
    letters typed in a textbox.

2. We provided the facility of creation of items using Ajax.

3. We used client side scripting (JavaScript) for the calculation of total amount with all the
    taxes applied on that transaction.

4. We provided look and feel of the transaction as an actual transaction with all the items
    listed and calculated in one page.

Technology Used
  • ASP.NET 2.0
  • C# 2.0
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • CSS
  • IIS 6.0
  • Scripting Languages - JavaScript, VB Script
  • Database - SQL Server 2005
  • Testing Tools - QTP 9.2 , Dev Partner

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