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Project Name: The 10 Ants
The Client intends to develop a web based social networking system. In which user can find apartment for rental in various localities in different cites of the USA.

This website will provide a collection of various apartments in different places.
  • Good Customer Experience
  • Faster Quality Productivity
  • Global Information Access
  • Reduce Overheads
  • WCAG Complaint
Project Overview
This website provides an open, friendly, atmosphere where people can create their own network, blogs, messaging, news, albums, videos, events, classifieds and groups. If user wants to share these items with their friends or any other person then they can easily do so.

The modules for the application are given below:

A) Login Page: This is the main page of the application before login, once user comes to this page, he/she can sign in if registered else they have to first complete the registration and then sign in.

B) Home Page: User is able to customize their default page by moving some of the data components around. Not all components are movable. The middle section will contain data for Colony News, Events, Classifieds, Photos, Videos and Blogs. The right hand column will contain components for Rental Rewards, New Members, Invite Friends, Manager Notes, Polls and Group Invites. Indicator of who is online.

C) Member Profile Page: display profile picture, upload profile picture, ability to customize the following and move these components around using AJAX/JavaScript: photo albums, videos, blog, and personal info. Members can edit profile and determine various display options like private, friends only, etc. Display friends list and personal information. Users will be able to pick which data components that want to display on their default colony page.

D) Inbox: Members can compose and send messages to other members. Ability to manage received and sent messages

E) Groups: Members can create groups (football, hunting, etc.) and invite other members to be a part of their groups. Members will be able to manage all of their groups.

F) Events: Member can create and post events. Events will appear on the member default page. Members can use a calendar, displayed on the default page, to browse through events. Members will be able to manage their event listings. Invite people to event from friends list as well as other lists. Set event reminders (sent by email)

G) Photos: Members can upload photos and manage these in photo albums. Photos will be displayed on the profile page and on the default member page. Members can manage display options like private, friends, etc. Members will have the option to import photos from Flicker, Shutterfly, etc. View photos added by friends, manage photos from friends separately. Rank photos for order of display.

H) Videos: Members can upload videos. Videos will be displayed on the profile page and on the default member page. Members can manage display options like private, friends, etc. Members can import videos from You Tube. Add Videos to Favorites, send videos to friends.

I) Blog: Members can create and upload blog content. Members can comment on blog content. Members can manage own blogs with edit, delete, etc. Members can import blogs through RSS feed link. Blogs will show in the member profile area and the member default page. Display options will be available for blogs (private, all, friends, etc.). New Blog notification component to display in the right hand column. Blog notification component is option

J) My Account: Edit password, edit privacy settings, view overall stats (profile views, number of groups, number of photos, number of videos, etc), block users, change email address, and cancel account.

K) Classifieds: Members can post items in the classifieds section. The classifieds will have several broad categories. Classifieds will show on the member default page. Members will be able to manage all of their classifieds postings.

L) Search: Various search options will exist through the site to give members ready access to info like searching for members, events, news, etc.

M) Invite: System to invite friends to join this social networking site. Members can import their friends’ lists from hotmail, gmail, yahoo mail, etc.

N) Managers: Apartment managers will be able to post and manage apartment Listings. Managers are able to write colony news and post to the default page of members. Members are able to communicate with other colony managers through the Inbox.

The major challenge that we faced while developing this site was how to set the privacy setting for the user for his/her different settings like data is only viewable to nobody, all users and friends. The designing of the site was also a challenge as the client was very particular about Alignment of controls & other design issues etc, Database of the site gets quite heavy with time.
1. Managing different user profiles:  By maintaining the user information in database and other file storing in folders.
2. Applying different screens to different user’s profile: By using different Skin files.
3. Displaying error messages through message management in the web: By using the php inbuilt functionality in message management to display the error messages.
Technology Used
  • Language-Cake PHP,AJAX,XML,DHTML ,CSS,
  • IIS 6.0
  • Scripting Languages - JavaScript,
  • Database -My SQL
  • Testing Tools – QTP 9.2 , Dev Partner

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