Windows Phone

Mobile users who value speed and ease of interaction above all else have taken to the range of mobile phones running on Windows operating systems like moths to the fire. However, the fact remains that this is a platform that is often overlooked by most technology service providers. At STPL, we believe in the potential of the Windows platform, and have a number of services that are exclusively targeted at Windows mobile technology. Some of them include –

Layered iOS Architecture

iOS acts as a mediator between the apps you create and the underlying hardware. Apps converse with the hardware through a set of distinct system interfaces. These interfaces enable to write apps easily which work consistently on devices having distinct hardware capabilities Higher-level layers are available on the top that are build upon the lower layers in the iOS technologies layered architecture.

  • Development of responsive, powerful, and speedy applications for the Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Incorporating all the features that can be enjoyed on a non-mobile platform, that is, all the facilities available in the website version of the application.
  • Bringing the applications on the Windows platform up to par with their counterparts in the Android and iOS family.
  • Enhanced user interfaces and social networking features that make the applications easy to use.
  • A team that has been put together by bringing the best talent and skill set in the field of mobile technology development, so that the solutions we offer are professional and perfect.
  • Use of Windows Mobile SDK, .net technology, computer languages, and Visual Studio to develop mobile technology solutions that score high on graphics.